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cloud release
on-premise release
February 22, 2024

February 2024: cloud 3.71.0 and 3.71.1-rc.0

Features 🏗

Multi-Factor Authentication 🔐

UI Bakery supports TOTP 2FA now! Available in Workspace Settings.
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Datasources: New filters 🗑️

Introducing new filtering options: is, is not, and not in, offering enhanced precision and control over your data 🎉

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Containers: Access input values 👀

Efficiently retrieve values from inputs nested within components, enhancing your ability to manipulate data and streamline workflow!
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Grid View: Dynamic columns 🤥

Introducing Grid View with dynamic columns, providing flexibility and versatility for enhanced data organization.

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Renderer caching 💾

Introducing renderer caching, now accessible through the flag in your app settings, optimizing performance for smoother user experiences 🚀

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Menu: Apps are links now 🌎

Exciting update in the Menu: Apps now function as links, simplifying navigation and promoting a more intuitive user experience

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Bug Fixes 🐞

  • automations: clear moment locales cache
  • make user search better
  • components: add margin to help tooltip
  • fix describe and query on gsheet database
  • query runner proper datasource change
  • take into account interpolationType for nested interpolation properties
  • workspace: project item link  
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